1. Why have you launched the Nominate Marco movement after Marco Rubio suspended his campaign?

“NominateMarco.com” is a grassroots effort made up of a network of over 3,000 dedicated Marco Rubio supporters who desire to see Marco Rubio get the 2016 Republican Nomination at a possible “brokered” RNC Convention in July. Simply stated, we believe no other current candidate is worthy of the nomination. Although Marco “suspended” his campaign on March 15th, 2016, he did not “end” his campaign. As the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) deems suspended candidates as still running, we believe it is appropriate to conclude that a suspension is a break from campaigning and that it is realistic to believe there is a possibility of reinstatement right before or during the RNC Convention.

2. Has Marco Rubio endorsed the Nominate Marco movement?

No. Although we made a good faith effort to communicate with Marco through his personal email (we are not at liberty to disclose his email address) and through other means, and we believe he is aware of the Nominate Marco movement, and we gave him an opportunity to ask us to stand down, he did not choose to take us up on this opportunity and has remained silent. We would like to believe that this constitutes a silent nod and wink from Marco, but cannot state this affirmatively. Our official disclaimer therefore reads: “Nominate Marco is a grassroots effort not affiliated with or endorsed by Marco Rubio or the Rubio campaign.” We believe his recent move to try to hold on to his delegates post suspension shows we are indeed working parallel to his own political maneuvering.

3. Are you soliciting money?

No. There has been much confusion regarding this issue and there are unfortunately some folks who appear to be intentionally misrepresenting our activities to block the Nominate Marco movement and petition. Although our founder was formerly an authorized volunteer fundraising agent of the campaign, Nominate Marco is not involved in campaign fundraising in any way. We are, however, making the Nominate Marco brand available to the public through certain suppliers for the purpose of providing a venue where you may buy t-shirts and other Nominate Marco branded products to help promote the Movement. A portion of the proceeds of the sale will be donated to NominateMarco.com solely to support and offset the costs of operating, promoting and advertising the website. If you are approached by someone who tries to solicit “donations” using the Nominate Marco brand, please report the incident to support@nominatemarco.com. You may also contact support for a list of approved vendors who are licensed to use the Nominate Marco brand.

4. Aren’t you just trying to steal the nomination away from Trump, Cruz and Kasich?

No. The RNC rule is that the front runner must receive 1,237 delegates before the July convention in order to have automatically earned the nomination. That is the rule and we respect that rule. In order for the “people” and “the party” to have spoken clearly, the candidate must have acquired this magic number of delegates. If, for instance, Donald Trump, secures 1,237 delegates before the convention, then all Nominate Marco 2016 efforts will cease. We note that no one is unfairly trying to take the nomination away from any other candidate and no one is trying to raise the number of delegates the front runner must achieve to “steal” the election. That would be an unethical abuse of the process. However, as a matter of fairness and competition, if Marco can secure the nomination as a result of the secondary democratic process the RNC has put into place, then we believe that outcome after a brokered convention is “fair game.”

5. What about the nomination rules like the 8 state rule that make Marco ineligible?

This is technically a 2012 Rule. The 2016 rules are being formulated. We have seen flexibility from the RNC to waive certain eligibility rules due to the unique nature of this cycle and the large amount of candidates that have been running for the nomination. Our petition specifically asks the RNC to remove any and all old obstacles so that Marco can be nominated. See the RNC guidelines to the nominating process for more information.

6. Should I vote for Marco in my state primary?

That depends on whether your state is a proportional state, winner-take-all state, or hybrid (sometimes referred to as "trigger") state. In order to get to a contested convention, we must block Trump from getting the 1, 237 requisite delegates. This may mean voting for Cruz or Kasich in winner-take-all states even if Marco is still on the ballot in order to prevent Trump from earning the nomination before the Convention. If you are in a proportional state, voting for Marco is recommended so he can continue to bank delegates even while technically under suspension. Please see our strategy page for more on this.

7. Should I write Marco in if he is not on the ballot during my primary?

Although we can understand the dedication of “die hard” Marco supporters, we would ask you to look to Marco’s recent moves on this issue. He has actually made requests to be removed from the ballot in some states for the expressed purpose of preventing himself from receiving votes that could have gone to one of the other two candidates to block Trump. Remember, we only have an end game if we block Trump and head into a contested convention.

8. What is the difference between a contested convention and a brokered convention?

A “contested” convention means no one, especially the front runner, has secured the required 1,237 delegates during the primary elections to be “coronated” at the convention. That is, no one knows for sure what the outcome will be and there will probably be no clear winner during the first round of voting. If after the first round, there is still no definitive winner, then we are considered in a “brokered” convention and the fight for the nomination truly begins. There is much lobbying that will go on for unbound delegate votes and the nominee will be ultimately selected by the delegates. As each round of voting progresses, more and more delegates become unbound and are free to vote from whomever they wish until a winner is finally selected.

9. Should I vote for Cruz or Kasich to block Trump?

This all depends on the unique circumstances for your particular state. Know if your state awards delegates proportionally to the candidates and if Marco is still on the ballot. Then, watch the polls to see who has the best chance of defeating Trump. At the time of the writing of these FAQs, we are about to see New York vote. New York is a hybrid, "trigger" state, which means if a candidate secures 50% of the vote, then this "triggers" a winner-takes-all scenario. According to the latest polls, Kasich has the best chance of defeating Trump so we would encourage all Marco supporters domiciled in New York to help us block Trump by voting for Kasich. In the previous Wisconsin election, we had asked residents of that state to vote Cruz to block Trump and that was successful. Watch our strategy page as we will be positing who we recommend you vote for as we get closer to each of the remain states.

10. If I vote for Cruz or Kasich am I a traitor to Marco?

No. This is just a means to an end. You are actually helping Marco by keeping the door open for him.

11. Should I encourage Marco to be a third party candidate?

We do not believe after all that has transpired that Marco would run as a third party candidate because of the effect it would have on splitting the Republican vote and essentially handing the Democrats the presidency in November. He would not want to be blamed for such an outcome and this would adversely affect his chances of securing the nomination in the future. Marco is young (currently 44 years old), and has a good twenty-four year window (six election cycles) to still become president. Although we really do need him now, he is politically astute and will not throw away his chances for a future presidency as this is not "do or die" for him by any means.

12. Why has Marco asked to remove himself from some ballots?

This is a strategic move designed to block Trump in winner-take-all states. You should note that Marco is not removing himself from the ballot in all states, which means he wants to continue to bank delegates in proportional states if the votes toward those delegates don’t help Trump. We believe this is a sign that Marco is not quite done yet.

13. Why has Marco asked to keep his delegates?

We believe he wants to make it clear to the state party chairs that he believes he may still play a role during the convention and that he is still open to being nominated. We believe he is still our best hope for defeating the Democrats and tackling America’s problems as the next president of the United States.

14. Does “Nominate Marco” have a Twitter account?

Yes.@Nominate_Marco is our official Twitter account. Again, you may see our Nominate Marco banner on other accounts

15. I am a member of the media. How do I contact you?

Please email James@nominatemarco.com or call our spokesman James Lamb at (800) 215-6704.

16. Do you have a hashtag?

Yes. #NominateMarco.

17. What is "RU-RAH"

Ru Rah is our motivational battle cry. It is a combination of our founder's one year old daughter's attempt to say "Rubio" (Ru Ru) and the US Marines' battle cry: "ooh rah".

18. Where I can I see press releases about the petition and the Nominate Marco movement.

The original petition release is here. We will issue and post additional future releases here and on the home page as they are issued. Next release will be on April 13th, 2016.

19. Does “Nominate Marco” have a Facebook account?

Yes, the official “Nominate Marco” Facebook group is here.. While you may see the Nominate Marco banner on other groups, and we encourage the use of our brand to promote the movement, this is the only official Nominate Marco Facebook page. If you visit this group, you will see in your browser the old URL name that dates back to when there was a fundraising effort. Facebook does not allow this URL to be changed. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we used an existing group formerly called “Inside the Marco Rubio for President Campaign” which has a nice following and simply changed the name to “NominateMarco.com”. Again, Nominate Marco is not involved in fundraising for Marco Rubio.

20. How can I sign the petition?

Click here. 

21. What is happening on May 28th, 2016

May 28th, 2016 is Marco's 45th, birthday. Members of the Nominate Marco movement will be gathering in Washington, D.C. and online to celebrate our quest to get Marco nominated to be the 45th President. Ironically, this event will happen exactly 45 days after we launch the website.   

22. What is the Nominate Marco July 18th, 2016 event all about?

This is intended to rebuild “Marcomentum.” We are getting folks to look forward to the convention, which starts on July 18th. We expect to have ways for folks to be involved at the convention and online. For now, just join the event and say you are going and spread the link:

23. Might Marco join another candidate’s ticket as VP?

Marco has made public statements saying he is not interested in being someone else’s Vice President.

24. Might Marco run for Governor of Florida?

Marco has made public statements saying he is not interested in running for Governor of Florida and as of March 15th, 2016, he was intending to finish his Senate term and become a “private citizen.” However, a lot has changed in terms of his political maneuvering since then.

25. Is Marco really thinking about joining the Miami Dolphins staff?

We think this was just an April Fool’s joke.

26. Might Marco run for president again in the future?

If a nomination at the 2016 Convention does not pan out, we expect you will see Marco run again in the future. He has not ruled it out when making public statements. We have therefore set up this Facebook group called “Elect Marco Rubio President 2020” to prepare for that eventuality. In the unlikely event that a Republican wins the 2016 election in November, someone other than Marco, (Marco seems to be our only real hope to defeat the Democrats), we may need to change the group to “Elect Marco Rubio President 2024.”

27. Who is behind the Nominate Marco Movement?

NominateMarco.com is sponsored by the Small Business in Transportation Coalition (SBTC), a 501 (c) 6 business league. 

28. Are you affiliated with the “Only Marco” movement?

No. However, we have been in touch with their leadership team and believe we are for the most part on parallel paths with them. We have said that we believe we are all part of a general nationwide movement and that the movement has multiple prongs.

29. How can I help Marco?

Follow these 10 steps:

1.       Do anything and everything you can to block Trump including voting strategically (see our Strategy page).

2.       Join the Nominate Marco movement from our NominateMarco.com homepage to get officially connected with us and you will receive email updates.

3.       Sign the Petition to Unbound Delegates: 

4.       Join our Facebook group.

5.       Retweet our tweets from @Nominate_Marco

6.       Indicate you are going to our July 18th Convention event (you can attend online).

7.       Help us spread “Marcomentum” by getting our Nominate Marco brand out there by sharing our Twibbon, banner, logo, posts, press releases, and petition updates.

8.       Consider becoming a bound or unbound delegate for Marco by contacting your state GOP.

9.       Help us convince unbound delegates to vote Marco by lobbying them personally.

10.   Spread Marco’s message generally to keep him in the public eye as we head to the Convention:

30. Who is going to be the next President of the United States?

Marco Rubio. Marco is the only candidate that has the moral clarity, insight, vision and character who is dedicated to Conservative principles and worthy of being president. We list some of his  accomplishments here and here.